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Webinar #4: Jidoka - How to Build Quality into the Process


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This webinar will teach you:

  • The value and discipline of Jidoka

  • The inherent value of transferring human intelligence to automated machinery and systems

  • The 4 layers of Jidoka and what to watch out for when implementing a Jidoka system

  • What the differences are between errors, abnormalities and defects

  • Inspection types used to identify errors

  • How to use poka-yokes effectively

  • What it takes to implement Jidoka


Don’t Ship Junk!

Human error is a fact of life. We are often the least reliable component in complex systems. But by identifying errors at the source, we have the ability to problem solve root cause and eliminate the error from happening again.


In Session 4 - Jidoka: How to Build Quality into the Process, we will help you understand the concept of Jidoka and how to deploy it effectively in your facility. An effective Jidoka system is simple, well-defined, visible and part of your broader lean implementation strategy.


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