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Webinar #2: What is the Foundation of Lean & Where do You Start?


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This webinar will teach you:

  • Stability and Standards, what bonds them together?

  • The truth about Standards and why simple, clear and visual standards work.

  • Visual Management and 5S.

  • Ways to ensure 5S develops deep roots in your company and becomes a normal way of doing business.

  • How Total Productive Maintenance targets the six big losses that afflict equipment.

  • The purpose of Standardized Work and Kaizen.


Now that you understand the history and theory of Lean Thinking, it’s time to get your Lean initiatives off the ground. But where do you start? And more importantly how do you build sustainability into your Lean efforts? This session will address these critical questions.


Don’t miss this live event as we guide you through the thinking of Stability and Standards. Let’s uncover where you can begin the Lean transformation in your organization right away.


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