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Webinar #1: Lean – What You Need to Know to Ride the Economic Wave

Listen to a SAMPLE of Webinar #1:


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This webinar will teach you:

  • Lean Refresher: Why Lean Principles are critical to the success of your company

  • Lean History – It’s not just about Toyota

  • The Evolution of Lean – How to apply learning’s of the past in today’s economic climate

  • Why Lean Thinking is the world’s most powerful business system

  • Make the Lean Business System relevant to you and your company

  • Take off your tool belt and put on your thinking cap!


As a Lean Leader you cover a lot of ground. In these tough times resources are stretched thin and Lean “results” are in the spotlight. When your time is in short supply you want to be on the floor providing hands-on support to instill lean thinking, not behind a desk writing training manuals or in a boardroom teaching the basic lean principles.


Now there’s an affordable option for providing deep lean learning for those who are challenged to implement and those who must lead Lean Transformations. Business Leaders, Function Managers, Shift Supervisors, Operations Personnel and Administrative Staff all play a critical role in the successful Lean.


Our goal is to help you reach the right people at the right time with small batch learning sessions in a plain language guide. 


Pascal and Al will present the evolution of lean and uncover the critical lessons that directly impact how Lean is applied today. After this session, you’ll understand why. Join us for this interactive hour of learning and reenergize your lean transformation!


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