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Lean Simplified Webinar Series: Get to the Heart of Lean Thinking.


Six sessions based on the award-winning book Lean Production Simplified to accelerate your team’s learning:

  1. Lean: What You Need to Know to Ride the Economic Wave

  2. What is the Foundation of Lean, and Where Do You Start?

  3. Just-In-Time: The Right Thing, at the Right Time, in the Right Quantity

  4. Jidoka: Building in Quality at the Source

  5. Strategy Deployment: Getting the Right Things Done

  6. Lean Culture: The Secret Sauce that Sustains Lean

  Lean Production Simplified Book

Demystify the World’s Most Powerful Business System

Lean Simplified is a series of webinars designed to deepen your team’s understanding of the Lean Business System and help you meet the challenges of creating a Lean Enterprise. The series is based upon Pascal Dennis’ award winning book Lean Production Simplified and is presented by Pascal Dennis and Alistair Norval.

The webinars equip participants with Lean fundamentals that can be immediately applied in their day-to-day work. Each webinar is one hour that includes Q&A at the end and homework assignments.

Save 45% now on this informative webinar series delivered by the experts.

Bundle Price $595 
Buy 6 Webinars now and save 33% (Regular $834)



The six-webinar bundle provides cost savings and flexibility. Your team can access the sessions when most convenient, review the material multiple times, and move to the next topic at their own pace. 

The Lean Simplified webinar series allows you to reach the right people at the right time with small batch learning sessions, in plain language.


What Makes Lean Simplified Webinars Unique?

Real stories - Metaphors, war stories and images improve comprehension and retention of the material

Real experience - Our content is derived from years of experience, across a broad range of industries, and business processes. We live and breathe this stuff

Action Oriented - Homework questions are posed at the end of every webinar to put concepts just reviewed into practice right away

Who Should Participate?

  • Business Leaders

  • Function Managers

  • Shift Supervisors

  • Operations Personnel

  • Administrative Staff


What’s Included in Your Bundle?

  • Web access to all 6 recorded sessions for 60 days, with the ability to replay the recordings as many times as you like. Use a speakerphone and invite your team to attend. Your bundle has no limits on the number of people who can participate in one listening room.

  • Lean Simplified presentation material from all six webinars (in PDF form).

If you are interested in purchasing individual sessions or bundles, Holly would be happy to help. Call her now at 905-631-5275.


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