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Transformation Lighthouse - Deploy & Execute Your Transformation Strategy


1. Value Proposition

To grow and thrive in transformative times, leaders need to
  • Develop and deploy a shared understanding of Aspiration and winning logic
  • Develop and practice an innovation mindset and skillset, starting with senior leaders
  • Deploy and manage transformation strategies using aligned metrics, and a tiered management system
  • Anticipate and identify blockers, and quickly adjust activities
  • Develop simple, visual governance around new initiatives and innovations
  • Run and improve the business through stable operating rhythms

2. Benefits

  • Articulate a compelling future vision to energize your entire organization
  • Deploy and monitor your strategy through a tiered, connected management system
  • Senior leader team develops a shared understanding through a regular
  • cadence and easy-to-understand visuals
  • Responsiveness - monitor and adjust your strategy quickly
  • Balanced innovation portfolio, good understanding of capacity and bottlenecks

3. How We Deliver Benefits

  • Compelling, interactive case studies - learn by doing
  • Demonstrations by leading FinTechs - see exponential technologies in action
  • Executive panels, shared stories and experiences

4. Our Credentials

  • Respected international practitioners and coaches
  • Broad experience in Financial Services and major industries in great flux
  • Senior advisors to leading international companies
  • Extensive practical experience advising senior leaders in transformative technologies and practices

5. Instructor(s)

Pascal Dennis - Strategy & Digital transformation Sherpa, author, 4-time Shingo Prize winner

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Course Agenda

This workshop is offered both remotely, and in person, as a full day, half day, four 2-hour sessions, or as a four-week lecture series. We use a realistic business case study to enable participants to focus on what really matters: experience the principles, tools and practices that define the Digital Lighthouse framework.

Introduction: What is a Lighthouse & why do we need one?

  • Why is alignment among senior leaders so challenging? Daniel Kahnemans work
  • Fundamentals of visual management and Lighthouse design
  • Introduction to tiered management systems and Strategy Deployment
  • Two streams: Run the Business, Improvement the Business

Mindset & Skillset - New Ways of Working for Executives

  • Rules of Engagement
  • Core mental models
  • Evidence-based management and the idea meritocracy
  • Responsiveness - what if a tree falls in the forest and nobodys there to hear it?
  • Metrics and deploying to the front line
  • Physics of Flow - designing your Innovation Pipeline and governance

Designing Your Lighthouse - Business Cases drawn from our coaching practice

  • Define aspiration and winning logic
  • Develop strategic focus areas and corresponding metrics
  • Design Lighthouse
  • Develop operating rhythms for Run the Business and Improve the Business streams
  • Design tiered management system including metrics per tier
  • Develop visual systems and operating rhythms for management system levels

Debriefing [Post-Case Study]

  • What helped you build this transformation strategy and Lighthouse, despite all the unknowns and constraints?
  • Which process elements were the most / least valuable?
  • If you were to tackle this problem again from scratch, what would you do differently and why?


  • Getting ready for your business environment
  • Assess current senior leader governance around Run the Business, and Improve the Business
  • Assess enablers: Work, Management & Belief Systems
  • Develop plan for Transformation Lighthouse and related management processes

Note: Our workshops are available in a range of flexible formats, both on-line and in-person, tailored to your needs. Please ask about available options.



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