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Praise for The Remedy


“Lean within manufacturing has become a common focus, but its application in other functions like marketing, R&D, and finance has been problematic. The Remedy teaches us how to cure Big Company Disease by applying Lean across the entire company. Pascal shows us it is not only possible, but essential!”

--DAVE FADDIS, Senior Executive, Kimberly-Clark Corporation


The Remedy utilizes storytelling to connect Lean theory with practical application not only at the functional level, but across the barriers of a complex organization. A must-have reference book for all leaders.”

--TOM MELSEN, Vice-President Personal Care Product Supply, Kimberly-Clark Corporation


“Pascal has done a masterful job of highlighting one of the most pressing problems facing businesses today – effective application of Lean principles to the ‘office floor.’”

--DAVE BRULE, SR., President & CEO, Northern Star Industries, Inc.


“Pascal’s ability to translate the challenges of real-world lean transformations into the written work is uncanny. Building off his previous lean stories, Getting the Right Things Done and Andy and Me, Pascal gives us all a story we can relate to: How do we lean out enterprise business systems? This work is much more difficult than leaning out factory-type activity, but the rewards are commensurate with the level of difficulty.”

--ALLEN VYCE, Director, F-35 Change Integration, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics


“In The Remedy, once again Pascal has managed to incorporate an interesting story, and the Implementation Checklist and Study Questions at the end of each chapter are great learning tools.”

--STEVE PONTBRIAND, Executive VP & COO, Northern Star Industries, Inc.


“Pascal continues to demonstrate his ability to boil down complex subjects to their simplest form, and demonstrate how the basics of Lean apply across the entire value stream. This really puts perspective on leadership’s role in a lean organization, and the ‘water ring model’ is a great image for guiding leaders’ behavior.”

--JAMIE SPEAKER, Co-President, J.W. Speaker Corporation


“This is a great addition to the literature and is a quick and engaging read. Pascal uses his deep experience working for Toyota, his natural writing skills, and great artwork to bring the story to life and educate us along the way.”

--JEFFREY K. LIKER, Professor, University of Michigan, and Author of The Toyota Way



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