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The Lean Manifesto: Back to basics – how a Lean business system creates value by engaging everyone in improvement

The Lean business system has taken root far beyond manufacturing. The past decade, Lean has brought breakthrough improvement in sectors as diverse as health care, financial services, the process industries, construction and education.

But many organizations struggle to keep their lean initiatives on track. Why? Because they haven't locked in the fundamentals. We believe that Lean is a management system comprising tools, techniques and thinking that work together to create long lasting cultural change. To help you with the basics we've created our LEAN MANIFESTO on the world’s most powerful business system.

Our LEAN MANIFESTO illustrates the guiding principles leading companies like Toyota, Proctor & Gamble and IBM use to drive improvement in every part of their business.

Download the Lean Manifesto Now!

Listen to Mark Graban of Leanblog.org interview Al Norval about his new publication titled “The Lean Manifesto: Back to basics – how a Lean business system creates value by engaging everyone in improvement.” (run time 26:03)

In the Lean Pathways Lean Manifesto you will:

  • Learn the history of Lean

  • Grasp the House of Lean and it’s components:

    • Standards & Stability

    • Just in Time

    • Jidoka (built in quality at the source)

    • Strategy Deployment

  • Understand Lean Culture, the "wind that fills the sail"

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