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Lean Production - Less is More


Adopt the new philosophy...we are in a new economic age.  W. Edwards Deming

Who should attend: Senior & middle managers, Lean facilitators, supervisors, engineers, specialists and team members

Length: 2 days

Objective: This working session will teach participants the basic principles of Lean production through an interactive manufacturing simulation, as well as, group activities and case studies.

Content: Lean production is Lean because it provides a way to do more with less and less - less time, less space, less human effort, less machinery, less materials - while coming closer and closer to providing customers with exactly what they want. This essential workshop introduces the basic concepts and tools of Lean production. The objective is to provide a solid foundation upon which to build Lean thinking skills, and to open the door to what W. Edwards Deming called "the system of profound knowledge".  

Upon completing this workshop you will be able to discuss and demonstrate an understanding of

•  Lean Production vs. mass production

•  The structure and content of the Lean Production system

•  The seven kinds of muda1 - or waste

•  The "Three M's"

•  Jikoda2 & basic error-proofing techniques

•  Just-In-Time delivery & kanban3

•  Standardization - Purpose and Forms

•  Flow - toward one-at-time production

You will learn Lean principles by direct experience. Core Lean concepts will be demonstrated incrementally, in engaging and interactive simulations. Their effect on orders met, defect rates, inventory, lead time, etc. will be demonstrated and explained.

The Toyota Production System (TPS), the world's pre-eminent production system, will serve as a benchmark and model.  Despite Toyota's extraordinary openness, TPS has proven difficult for outsiders to decipher. You will learn why. In particular, you will gain insight into Toyota's remarkable problem-solving process.

It's not luck. Attend this powerful workshop and take the first step in your Lean journey.


Pascal Dennis - Strategy & Digital transformation Sherpa, author, 4-time Shingo Prize winner

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1 Muda means waste, and is the target of Lean activities. 
2 Jidoka means error proofing and is one of the pillars of Lean production.
3 Kanban is one of the principal tools of the Just-In-Time production. A kanban is an signboard or card that tells the preceding process to produce parts. They are used when the following process has used up all the parts it normally consumes.

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