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Practical Problem Solving


An organization dies when all its problems are gone. Joseph Juran

Who should attend: Senior and middle managers, Lean facilitators, supervisors, engineers, specialists, team members

Length: 2 days

Objective: This working session will teach participants the fundamentals of lean problem solving through interactive group activities and business case studies.

Content: What is a problem? Why is it important for organizations to have problems? How do we identify and fix the root causes of problems as opposed to providing band-aids? How do we harness the knowledge, skill and creativity of our team members? How do we continually improve? This powerful workshop addresses these and other core issues of industry.

You will learn that a problem is the gap between a desired condition, or standard, and the current condition. Thus, problems are opportunities to be discovered and created. Indeed, organizations that "have no problems" usually run into serious trouble. This usually means that their standardized approach is a) Lift carpet, 2) Sweep, and 3) Drop carpet.  

Problems, therefore, should be welcomed.   And practical problem solving should be a core skill. The key is to have a standardized, shared approach.  The A3 methodology is the standard in leading companies such Toyota and Canon. A3 thinking compels consistent application of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle in a logical, succinct format. It literally puts everyone on the same page to create a shared understanding of the problem and potential solutions.

Workshop Agenda

•  What is a Problem?   Problems vs. Concerns

•  The Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle - the Heart of Problem Solving

•  The Four Step Problem Solving Process

•  The Four Critical Decision Points and Potential Pitfalls

•  Root Cause Analysis - Fishbones, Fault Trees & Five Why Analysis

•  The Seven Problem Solving Tools (Q7)

•  A34 Thinking

•  The Dynamics of Change - Fukuda's Parable

Participants learn by solving existing workplace problems.   The workshop concludes with group presentations in the A3 format.  Past participants have been amazed at how quickly they are able to apply these powerful tools to make concrete improvements.

Unleash the creativity of your team members - implement Lean Problem Solving.


Pascal Dennis � Strategy & Digital transformation Sherpa, author, 4-time Shingo Prize winner

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4 The A3 report is a one-page story/report and is a key communication and problem-solving tool at Toyota, Canon and other leading companies. A3 refers to international 11" x 17" paper.

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