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Lean & Agile Fundamentals for Healthcare



Who should attend: Healthcare Executives, Board Members, Senior Leaders, Managers and Program Specialists

Length: 8 hours (available in a range of flexible formats, both in-person and remote)

Objective: This working session will teach you the fundamentals of Lean and Agile management through engaging, interactive group activities and business case studies.

This essential workshop introduces the basic concepts and methods of Lean and Agile management. The objective is to provide a solid foundation upon which to build Lean and Agile thinking skills and to open the door to what W. Edwards Deming called ‘the system of profound knowledge’. Upon completing this workshop you will have a practical understanding of

•  Daily huddles and the Tiered Management System

•  Visual management and the 5S system � laying the foundation

•  Standardized work � laying the foundation for continuous improvement

•  Building quality in the processs

•  Flow fundamentals � Theory of Constraints, Little�s Law and the rest

•  Patient Journeys � mapping and reform

•  Senior leader �Operating Rhythms�

•  Lean and Agile governance

You will learn Lean and Agile principles by direct experience and through engaging, interactive simulations. You will learn how to assess existing processes and Patient Journeys through direct observation and gain a practical understanding of Patient Journey reform.

Workshop Leader

Pascal Dennis is a professional engineer, entrepreneur and mentor to executives. Pascal is the President of Lean Pathways and co-founder of Digital Pathways, a firm focused on harnessing technology to enable Digital Transformation.

Since 2000 Pascal and his team have supported leading international firms in a broad range of industries including automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, energy, health care and financial services. Pascal has coached more than 150 C-suite members the past decade in the fundamentals of protecting your core business � and igniting new growth.

Pascal has authored seven books and is a four-time winner of the Shingo Prize for Excellence. Pascal is an avid musician and songwriter. He lives in Toronto with his wife, Pamela.

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Harnessing Digital Disruption � How Companies Win with Design Thinking, Agile and Design Thinking

Lean Production Simplified 3rd Ed. (Taylor & Francis, Productivity Press: New York, 2016)

Andy & Me and the Hospital � Further Adventures on the Lean Journey. (Taylor & Francis, Productivity Press: New York, 2016)

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