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Need a wallpaper for your desktop or images for your blog? Need a pic for your commercial website design? Looking for inspiration?

Our exclusive media help you communicate the Lean message with one-of-a-kind images that can be found only on our site. Image licensing is based on usage, and pricing is calculated once you provide usage specifications. We have over 100 illustrations available.


  intranet illustration   poster illustration  

What am I actually purchasing?

When you "purchase" media on leanpathways.org you are actually purchasing a license for the rights to use that media. The price of the media is based on the usage specifications you provide. Depending on how you assign the license, you will own the right to use the media as outlined in the licensing agreement.


  Culture illustration   waste illustration  


Where can I get more information?

Please fill out this form and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your needs. Please specify the best time for us to contact you.

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