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Exec Coaching 201 - Ignite New Growth


Learn to apply exponential technologies to digitize core customer journeys, and ignite new digital offerings and ventures.

  • The Innovation Tree: what kind of fruit do we want to grow?
  • Efficiency, Sustaining & Disruptive innovation – what are they & how do they relate?
  • Getting started: the Lean Digital recipe
  • ‘Three H’ thinking:
    • Does it wow?
    • Does it work?
    • Can we make money?
  • Customer journeys – Persona & Empathy Maps and the rest
  • Grasping the ‘jobs to be done’ concept
  • Agile ways of working: scrum, Kanban and all the rest
  • Design Thinking – integrating the ‘Hipster’ mentality
  • Lean Startup – Can we make money?
    • Problem,
    • Solution, and
    • Market Fit
  • Growth Hacking – working our way up the ‘hockey stick’ curve
  • DevOps – Flow principles in IT; integrating Dev, Ops, Sec, QA and the rest
  • Advanced topics – determined by learners


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