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Our goal is not merely to provide training and development in Lean production systems but also to support their concrete implementation in the workplace.

Here is a summary of our key offerings:

Lean Fundamentals
Getting the Right Things Done - A Leaders Guide to Planning & Execution
Practical Problem Solving
Lean & Agile Fundamentals for Healthcare

Books by Pascal Dennis

Pascal Dennis is a professional engineer, author, and President of Lean Pathways Inc., an international consultancy.
Pascal developed his management skills at Toyota and has worked with leading senseis in North America and Japan. Winner of four Shingo Prizes for Excellence, Pascal's latest book is Harnessing Digital Disruption - How Companies Win with Design Thinking, Agile and Lean Startup.


Lean production constitutes a language, which may be unfamiliar to many people. Much of this language is Japanese. In our work we have found a fairly even split between people who like the Japanese terms and others who prefer their English equivalents. We have developed the following glossary to accommodate both groups.

Lean Manifesto

Our Lean Manifesto illustrates the guiding principles leading companies like Toyota, Proctor & Gamble and IBM use to drive improvement in every part of their business.


Our exclusive media help you communicate the Lean message with one-of-a-kind images that can be found only on our site. Image licensing is based on usage, and pricing is calculated once you provide usage specifications. We have over 100 illustrations available.



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