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Digital Innovation Strategy -
Develop Your Digital Compass


1. Value Proposition

To grow and thrive in transformative times, leaders need to
  • Understand todays transformative technologies
  • Grasp new strategic choices and reframe thinking
  • Explore, imagine & communicate a compelling vision for transformative change
  • Understand the Innovation Framework required to fully harness these technologies
  • Develop a compelling innovation thesis and portfolio, excite and mobilize stakeholders
  • Anticipate, embrace and capitalize on exponential technologies

2. Benefits

  • Develop future-focused strategies based on a solid grasp of emerging technologies
  • Articulate a compelling future vision to energize your entire organization
  • Explore emerging opportunities and determine where and when to place strategic bets
  • Apply your learning to create a sense of urgency and plan to harness disruptive change
  • Lay the foundation for an Innovation Framework to enable and sustain your strategy
  • Mobilize leaders, stakeholders and the entire organization to create your future

3. How We Deliver Benefits

  • Compelling, interactive case studies - learn by doing
  • Demonstrations by leading FinTechs - see exponential technologies in action
  • Executive panels, shared stories and experiences

4. Our Credentials

  • Respected international practitioners and coaches
  • Broad experience in Financial Services and major industries in great flux
  • Senior advisors to leading international companies
  • Extensive practical experience advising senior leaders in transformative technologies and practices

5. Instructor(s)

Pascal Dennis: Strategy & Digital transformation Sherpa, author, 4-time Shingo Prize winner

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Course Agenda

This workshop is offered as a full day, half day, four 2-hour sessions, or as a four-week lecture series. We use a realistic business case study to enable participants to focus on what really matters: experience the principles, tools and practices that define the Digital Compass framework.

Introduction: What is Strategy? What is innovation?

  • Fundamentals of Directive & Emergent Strategy – what are they, why you need both & how they fit together
  • Introduction to Hoshin Kanri
  • Disruptive, sustaining and efficiency innovation: purpose, focus, metrics, language
  • Core methodologies
  • Key enablers: Belief System, Work System, Management System

Innovation Compass – Emergent Strategy in a Digital World

  • Overall process & rationale:
  • Disruption Mapping
  • People & Technology capability mapping
  • Investment Hypotheses: A + B + C = D
  • Balanced Innovation Portfolio aligned with Purpose, addressing critical innovation segments & horizons

Innovation Compass – Business Cases drawn from our coaching practice

  • Define Purpose and overall strategy
  • Develop management system
  • Develop aligned Digital Strategy using Innovation Compass
  • Tell your story using the Digital Strategy A3 process
  • Report out to the Board for feedback

Debriefing [Post-Case Study]

  • What helped you build this Digital Strategy, despite all the unknowns and constraints?
  • Which process elements were the most / least valuable?
  • If you were to tackle this problem again from scratch, what would you do differently and why?


  • Getting ready for your business environment
  • Assess current processes around Breakthrough, Sustaining and Efficiency innovation
  • Assess enablers: Work, Management & Belief Systems
  • Develop your Innovation Compass; develop an Innovation support plan

Note: Our workshops are available in a range of flexible formats, both on-line and in-person, tailored to your needs. Please ask about available options.



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