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About Lean Pathways


We are veterans of leading Lean companies who have grasped the Lean Business System through years of practice, and by studying with Lean masters in Japan and North America.

What makes Lean Pathways Unique?

Our story-telling approach: War stories, metaphors, and images improve comprehension and retention of our teaching.

Real experience: Our approach is based on empirical evidence -- and years of experience in a broad range of industries and business processes. We’ve learned that ‘less is more’ is not only possible -- but more fun too.

We build capability -- not dependency: Our philosophy is learn-by-do. We develop your capability through Socratic questioning, simulations, homework assignments and teach-back activities.

Our ‘light touch’: We’re serious about business results, but recognize that people learn best when they’re laughing. We don’t confuse ‘serious’ with ‘somber’.


Our Beliefs & Vision


We believe that, by applying Lean principles, businesses can do more with less while coming closer and closer to giving customers exactly what they want.

We believe that human potential is virtually limitless and that everyone has a right to:

  • Meaningful work that engages knowledge, experience and creativity.
  • Engagement in work to reduce hassles and to improve productivity, quality and safety.
  • Quick feedback on improvement efforts.
  • A safe and healthy workplace.

We believe that Lean systems enrich work and increase respect for humanity by:

  • Engaging the knowledge, experience and creativity of all team members.
  • Enhancing the skills of team members through vigorous training and development.
  • Providing quick feedback on efforts to convert muda (waste) to value.
  • Providing a way to create new work, rather than simply destroying jobs in the name of efficiency.

Lean is the world’s most powerful business system. It dramatically boosts productivity, while sharply reducing errors, accidents, space requirements, time-to-market, and costs.

Over the next decade we believe Lean thinking will develop, deepen and will take root across all industry including healthcare, design, information technology, finance, insurance, government and the military. It will continue to proliferate outside of production and help to improve work upstream in sales, marketing, design, and engineering and downstream in transportation, retail and customer service.

Where are you on the Lean journey?

Let us know if we can help. We’re only a phone call away: (647) 274-6392.

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