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Approach & Benefits


What does a Lean Pathways consulting engagement look like?

So you’re looking for help with your Lean Transformation. How do you get the ball rolling? How do you sustain the gains? We find that starting with one of the following approaches works well for our clients:

Build a Lean Coordinator Network: build internal capability so your organization becomes less dependent on our consulting services over time. This starts with a 3-day intensive workshop.

Strategy Deployment: Focus and align your activities; involve everyone in improvement, and learn from experience. Teach leadership how to get the right things done -- and build self-reliance thereby. Our goal is to build your capability and make you less and less dependant on us. This normally starts with a 2-day intensive workshop.

Lean Transformation Pilot Area: Choose a site or key breakthrough area that provides a good representation of how Lean can positively impact your organization. Get out in front with the successes in the pilot area and use it as a teaching model for the rest of the organization.

Figuring out which approach is best for you requires some discussion and an assessment of your current state. We would be happy to chat with you about your Lean journey and discover if we might be able to lend a hand – give us a call: (647) 274-6392.


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