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What We Do:

Lean Pathways helps progressive organizations implement the Lean Business System for breakthrough performance. The Lean Business System, or simply "Lean", has been called the "world's most powerful management system". Lean has been developed over the past century by leading organizations including Toyota, Ford Motor Company, Alcoa, Danaher, United Technologies and others.

Lean was initially deployed in manufacturing operations but has since been successfully applied upstream in areas like Design, Engineering and Marketing, and downstreamin Distribution, Sales and Customer Service. In past decadeLean thinking has developed deep roots in areas as diverse as health care, financial services, the process and service industries and education.

Lean Pathways has developed a proven transformation model that roots Lean thinking in all areas of the organization. We have supported successful transformations in manufacturing, health care, construction, the process and service industries.


Our Philosophy

  • We teach thinking first – not tools.
  • We practice the scientific method, expressed as the Plan-Do-Check-Adjust cycle
  • Respect for people
    • Optimize people first – not machines
  • We build the capability of our clients
    • Rapid learn-by-do
    • Where necessary we will do it with our clients, with the aim of making them self-reliant
    • We seek to engage all team members in problem solving
  • Two-pronged approach
  • Yokoten – mutual learning
  • Balance – between work & family, achievement & fun.
  • Copyright – we respect international copyright law
  • We separate business & personal and do what’s right for our clients
  • We relentlessly seek perfection, the ideal.


What We Believe

By applying Lean principles, we believe organizations can do more with less while giving customers what they want.

We believe that everyone has a right to:

  • Meaningful work that engages their knowledge, experience and creativity.
  • Quick feedback on improvement efforts, and
  • Safe, healthy and secure work.

We believe that Lean systems increase respect for humanity by:

  • Engaging our people's knowledge, experience and creativity
  • Building team member skill through Lean fundamentals
  • Providing quick feedback on efforts to convert mudato value.
  • Providing a way to create new jobs and prosperity

Over the next decade we believe Lean thinking will develop even deeper roots across all industry including healthcare, design, information technology, finance, insurance, government and the military. Lean will proliferate outside of production and help to improve work upstream in sales, marketing, design, and engineering and downstream in transportation, retail and customer service.


They Trust Us:

Stoner Solutions
Duke Energy
IA Financial
S & C
Hennepin Healthcare
Kimberly Clark
Seattle Childrens Hospital


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