This workshop is offered both on-site in-person, and remotely

This workshop is offered both on-site in-person, and remotely (e.g., through Zoom). In-person workshops entail one and a half days on site. Remote workshops are presented in three half-day sessions, or as a six-week series of two-hour lectures. We use a realistic business case study to enable participants to focus on what really matters. experiencing the principles, tools and practices that define the GRTD in a Digital World framework.


Engaging, interactive case studies translated for your business


New interactive, learn-by-doing workshop offered both remotely (three ½ day sessions) or on site (one 1 ½ day session)


Workshop is offered both remotely and on-site.


Organizations that are serious about innovation and want to become truly ambidextrous


Protecting the Core business is no longer enough. We must also Ignite New Growth using Digital methods. GRTD in a Digital World and the workshops that follow will get you started on this essential journey.

Our Digital Strategy Compass, Lighthouse and management system helped us survive the pandemic and pivot smartly
to e-commerce.
— Harry Zechman, COO Stoner Solutions


Pascal Dennis

P. Eng., M. Eng.

Pascal Dennis is a professional engineer, author, founder, and Board mentor. He is President of the consultancy Lean Pathways and co-founder of Digital Pathways. Since 2000 Pascal and his team have supported leading international firms in a range of industries including automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, energy, health care and financial services.

Pascal’s focus is Digital transformation with an emphasis on protecting the core business and igniting new Growth. Pascal’s personal practice comprises advising Boards and senior executives as mentor or member, helping to develop and deploy Digital strategies, and building supporting management systems that ensure sustained results.


Pascal Dennis discusses protecting your core business

 "Today we must also ignite new growth using methods pioneered in the worlds innovation hot spots..."


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