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Practical Kaizen Training


True cost is the size of a plum seed. Taiichi Ohno

Who should attend: Senior & middle managers, Lean facilitators, supervisors, specialists and team members

Length: 5 days

Objective: This working session will teach participants the fundamentals of practical kaizen through direct workplace improvement activity in a structured, scalable format.

Content: This intensive action-based workshop is conducted on site. Practical Kaizen Training (PKT) comprises a day in the classroom followed by 3 days on the shop floor tackling actual production problems.  Day 1 includes a review of Lean production tools and concepts to confirm understanding and identify improvement targets. Potential targets include:

•  Reducing the 3 M's - muda mura and muri (waste, unevenness and strain)

•  Lowering costs

•  Increasing production capacity

•  Improving quality (reducing defective products)

•  Reducing inventory and work in progress

•  Shortening lead time, and

•  Improving safety and ergonomics.

The next 3 days are spent in teams on the shop floor applying the tools to make concrete changes.   Our objective is rapid action-based improvement. The session concludes with presentations to senior management to quantify the progress made

You will learn the difference between true efficiency and apparent efficiency, between independent productivity and total productivity. You will grasp the Six-Step Kaizen process and the Five Skills required of thekaizen leader. You will gain concrete understanding of the seven types of muda and how to reduce them.

You will learn the difference between a concern and a problem and why all concerns need not be addressed. You will learn to look at your workplace with kaizen mind, which always asks, Is there a better way? You will learn practical problem solving skills and the ability to develop standardized work charts that confirm and sustain improvement. Finally, you will gain the skills to be a kaizen leader in your plant and to support your fellow team members in PKT activities. Take this key step to breakthrough performance.

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