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HR in the Lean Organization


The greatest waste in America is failure to use the abilities of people. 
W. Edwards Deming

Who should attend: Senior and middle managers, Lean facilitators, HR specialists

Length: 2 days

Objective: This working session will teach participants the fundamentals of Human Resource practices in the Lean Enterprise through interactive group activities and business case studies.

The heart of the Lean enterprise is flexible, motivated team members continually seeking a better way. People - team members, are the critical system input, and the Human Resources department, has the critical role. Indeed, people unfamiliar with Lean production are often astonished at the influence of HR.

This stimulating workshop is designed for HR professionals seeking to better understand Lean production and their role in the system. We wish to address both the "hardware" and "software" issues by answering the following questions:                                         

•  What processes must you develop in order to recruit, train, motivate and keep flexible motivated team members?

•  What role should each HR section play?

•  What kind of culture is needed to sustain and develop team members in the Lean enterprise?

•  How do you develop and sustain such a culture and what is HR's role?

You will learn the profound differences between Lean production and more traditional systems. You will develop a clear vision of the activities and processes required in your Recruiting, Compensation & Benefits, Health & Safety, Training & Development, and Employee Relations sections. You will to apply systems thinking - a critical Lean enterprise skill, to these and other questions. You will gain an understanding of Hoshin planning - the world's preeminent strategic planning system and HR's lead role.

Critical HR systems in the Lean organization will be a focus including:

•  Involvement Activities (e.g. Suggestion Programs, Kaizen Circles)

•  Performance appraisal

•  Succession planning

•  Strategic planning 

Workshop Agenda

•  Lean Production - the fundamentals

•  Lean Production vs. traditional mass production

•  The Six HR Sections and Their Roles

•  Critical HR Processes in the Lean Enterprise

•  Developing a Lean Enterprise Culture - Critical values and how to sustain them

•  Hoshin Planning and HR

Interested in attending this training workshop? info@leansystems.org



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